Biofood Organic Passata 690g
$2.99 each
Bonsoy Soy Milk 1lt
$4.50 each
Earth Source Biodynamic Smoked Tofu 250g
$7.50 each
Who Gives A Crap Tissues
$2.99 each
Organic Nicola Potatoes
$3.99 per kg
Primasoy Organic Tempeh 225g
$5.99 each
Global Organics Organic Tomato Paste 200g
$4.70 each
Organic Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml
$9.80 each
Organic Chard Silverbeet
$4.99 each
Cobs Ancient Grain Corn Chips Cheesy Chedda 130g
$3.99 each
Spiral Foods Soba Noodles 300g
$3.80 each
Organic Cherry Tomatoes (​loose)
$19.99 per kg
Schulz Unhomogenised Low Fat Milk 2l
$5.40 each
Healthybake Organic Wholemeal Khorasan Sourdough 700g
wheat free
$7.80 each
Organic Celery
$6.99 each
Organic Royal Gala Apples *​NEW SEASON*
$1.21 each (135g) (approx.) $8.99 per kg
Gluten Freedom Fancier Sourdough Pizza Bases 2pk
gluten free
$7.70 each
Healthybake Organic Spelt Fruit Buns 6pk
wheat free
$8.30 each
Organic French Sourdough Bread - Sesame & Chia
$6.50 each
Organic Rolled Oats
$0.79 each (100g) (approx.) $7.99 per kg
Barambah Organics All Natural Yoghurt 500g
$5.99 each
Cherry Tree Organics Pork Mince
$11.17 each (500g) (approx.) $22.35 per kg
COYO Natural Coconut Yoghurt 500g
gluten free
$9.99 each
Organic Juicing Carrots
$0.49 each (200g) (approx.) $2.49 per kg
Organic Raw Walnuts
$2.99 each (100g) (approx.) $29.99 per kg
Organic Rockmelon Half
$4.00 each
Schulz Unhomogenised Full Cream Milk 1lt
$2.90 each
Ceres Organics Brown Lentils 400g
$2.50 each
Cherry Tree Organics Whole Chicken
$28.89 each (1.5kg) (approx.) $19.26 per kg
Organic Prepack Wild Roquette
$3.60 each
Organic Red Cabbage Half
$3.00 each
Biofood Organic Diced Tomatoes 400g
$2.20 each
Organic Licorice
$1.99 each (100g) (approx.) $19.99 per kg
Organic Small Avocado
$4.99 each
Spiral Foods Coconut Cream 400ml
$2.99 each
Cherry Tree Organics Beef & Beetroot Burgers
$10.89 each (450g) (approx.) $24.21 per kg
Cherry Tree Organics Lamb Cutlets 4pk
$22.07 each (350g) (approx.) $63.08 per kg
Healthybake Organic Spelt Sourdough 700g
wheat free
$7.80 each
Organic Eggplant
$6.64 (350g each) (approx.) $18.99 per kg
Schulz Unhomogenised Low Fat Milk 1l
$2.90 each
Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 150g
$7.80 each
Ceres Organics Brown Rice Cakes - Original 110g
$3.99 each
Bio-dynamic Unhomogenised Milk 2lt
$5.40 each
Cherry Tree Organics Nitrate Free Bacon
$15.00 each (200g) (approx.) $75.00 per kg
Cherry Tree Organics Scotch Fillet Steak
$14.82 each (250g) (approx.) $59.29 per kg
Gluten Freedom Sweet Potato Sourdough Buns 3pk
gluten free
$7.70 each
Organic Pak Choy
$3.50 each
Organic Watermelon Quarter
$4.99 per kg
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